The 5-step Process To Turning Your Inventions Into Wealth

Join us for a 90-minute free masterclass where we reveal the step-by-step process to turn your inventions into monthly royalties. 

Yes, I Want To Sell My Invention!

Inventor Royalty Machine Live Webinar

Hosted by David Fedewa, Negotiation Coach with 5 licensed products and 180+ student deals. 


So you have an idea or prototype but don’t know how to make money from it?


Look, I’ve been there before and know your struggle.

It took me many years and thousands of wasted hours figuring out how to get my first licensing deal.

I know hold 5 licensing agreements (and counting) and I’ve helped over 200 inventors secure their licensing deals.

It’s not as hard as you think, but there are very specific nuances that you MUST know if you want to be a successful inventor.


In this exclusive webinar for inventors, you will learn:

✓  The 5-step inventor royalty framework

✓  Why most ideas never get licensed (and how to overcome this!)

✓  When to begin marketing your invention

✓  How to use “sell sheets” to get licensees begging to work with you

✓  How to pitch your inventions the “right” way

✓  What questions to ask when a licensee says “no”

✓  Why most inventors fail to get licensing deals

✓  How to protect your invention from “idea thieves”

In only 90-day minutes you will know exactly what to do to escape the 9-5 rat race or flailing economy and achieve your dream of becoming a prosperous inventor.

Don’t Waste Another Day Not Getting Your Invention To Market

This exclusive training will not be available much longer.  Reserve your seat for our next training before we fold up shop and take this valuable information offline forever.  Now is your chance to turn your ideas into $$ in your bank account!









Yes, I Want To Sell My Invention!