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Meet David Fedewa

David Fedewa, negotiations coach and licensing specialist, has coached over 100 students to successfully license their own products.  He has been featured in Inc. and Entrepreneur’s online publications on licensing and negotiation strategy.  He has licensed five of his own products, with one being featured on Time magazine, CHIVE, and CNET Father’s Day Product of The Year list.  David and his team built the world’s largest actively managed database of companies that license new innovative products.  His strengths lie where business and psychology meet.  While coaching students through multi-million dollar negotiations, he not only looks at the present deal at hand but teaches strategies that can be used in constructing deals with a win-win scenario throughout life.


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It's people that make a company.  That's why Invent Tribe has more of a personal mission than a company one. Our personal mission is to have an inventor license a product every day of the year. That's 365 licensing deals a year from Invent Tribe members! 


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"David was instrumental in closing my first licensing deal. Using David’s expert negotiating advice, I was able to overcome fears that once stopped me dead in my tracks. He was always available to answerer specific questions I had and helped keep my deal moving forward. I knew I would need his advice and I was right. Thank you Mr. David Fedewa!"

Nick H.

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