This is the newest box of tricks in the Invent Tribe arsenal and we’re giving this to you for FREE today.


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Do you want a PROVEN way to create passive income streams?

Are you tired of going solo with your licensing deals and thinking of failure as learning?

OR Have you exhausted yourself trying out so many mini-courses and online material that gives you mediocre results at best?

Introducing… The Inventor’s Toolbox!

On top of building my coaching programs, we went even further and extracted the simplest possible tools and training you can use to get that much needed advantage for your next licensing deal. 

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

✅  Our exclusive video series showing the most vital (yet neglected) processes prior to licensing (Valued at $100)

✅  The Inventor Roadmap compressing years of inventing experience so you can learn from others’ mistakes. (Valued at $200)

✅  Company giveaways. Not mugs or umbrellas. We’re giving away companies to contact! This is so you can easily navigate the industry you’re in and contact SERIOUS potential Licensees (Valued at $200)

✅  A sneak peak at our proprietary Patent Pending Application (PPA) software so you can secure a patent WITHOUT incurring debt.

✅  PLUS a surprise bonus inside!

This is the newest box of tricks in the Invent Tribe arsenal and we’re giving this to you for FREE today.


You see, the goal here is to help you get your next breakthrough not just with inventing, but with making a living. We support aspiring inventors who wish to make a real change with their products in the market today.

After all, Invent Tribe was born out of the mission to get more inventors like yourself licensing their inventions and getting products on the shelf.

Inventing for a living can be a very drastic decision for you.

That’s why this company was founded and made all the tools and processes for you to use – to get you to and your product where you need to be WITHOUT all the debt and drama.

So let’s help you achieve that royalty stream you’ve always dreamed of and live life knowing you got things covered!

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