Before Calling Companies Make sure to do this (practice)

Oct 19, 2021


When I got started in this business, I'm like everybody.


I didn't have any pre-existing knowledge. I was a dishwasher, waited tables at restaurants, and so I didn't have this big bank of experience of doing anything.


And so one of the things I did is, when I wanted to call companies, I started playing conversations through my mind; on my way to work, on my way back from work, or in the shower. Whenever I was, I play through these conversations in my head. And when I started calling companies and saying the things I've practiced through my head, it sounded so strange because it was the first time it actually came out of my mouth.


So in today's episode, we're going to go over the one thing, you should do before you start calling companies to help you get indoors and close better deals.


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