How To Invent a Product


Listen to this episode where I walk you through my thought process of how to invent a product.

I use a bunch of different techniques to get my brain focused in the right direction to invent things that are licensable.

But if you put the parameters up and you think of the solution first, you know, I want this end goal, then you let your brain and your subconscious create within that. Then you come up with great licensable products.



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Passive Income Ideas in 2020


This is kind of an exciting topic because a lot of people look in passive income as their gateway to freedom.

Once you monetize, or once you start that passive income stream, then it kind of changes your life, gives you freedom, gives you the ability to earn more with less time. It's been done over and over again.

Build a business, I'd say is probably a little bit more difficult because you've got to understand, like what's going to be desired within a marketplace, and then understand how to find the right people to run that business.

But the difficulty about the licensing component of it or the licensing business model is you've got to be able to come up with good products and you've got to be able to communicate them clearly. And if you can do those two things and work with people on moving it forward to getting a deal, then this is something that you can do.

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The Challenge that Changed my Life

invention licensing Aug 26, 2020

Today, I’m challenging you to say what is your stretch goal and write it down. Don't say, I'm going to call people tomorrow is my goal. Say I'm going to call three people on whatever tomorrow's date is. Say the number of people you'll call and then do that every day and you will stretch yourself.

And eventually, once you follow through with your process, you will see results and the results that you are looking for.

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The Apple Seed of Success

free training royalties Aug 12, 2020


Everybody always asks the seed to produce fruit without going through the process of growing their roots, growing their stem and getting their branches.

So once you go through all those processes and you're prepared to receive fruit, that's when you can start to ask yourself or set up goals that say, all right, I'd like to license this product now.

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Why The Boogyman Shows Up When You Start Pitching

Uncategorized Aug 05, 2020

You can go out and get yourself a sheet made, you can go out and get a patent and you can do all these things and build a prototype. But that phone call is the first opportunity that somebody that is a professional within the business can tell you your idea is not good.

And that's why the boogeyman shows up when the phone calls start to happen. And so I wanted to jump into how do you expel that boogeyman, how do you get them out of your world? And it was something that I had to face in a big way.

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How to Start Today!


A lot of the times people get stuck in this analysis paralysis.  And they're focusing on 'what do I do?'  And that's not the real problem. It's not what do you do.  Because when you start doing, then things start to unfold.  And you start to learn and understand and you won't know everything when you start. That's the key.  That's this jump that people want to make.  They want to know everything before they jump.  You can't, you gotta build your wings on the way down.

Today, I am inviting you {{first_name}} to try my mini-training course to get you started on your journey to getting your product licensed and on the market.  My objective with this course is to show you the steps to get your product licensed.

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Take this from Scott G.-- "David, I was very impressed with all of the great information you gave in this...

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Susan's Success

success story Jul 30, 2020

If I get one company interest, I'm going to get multiple companies interested cause it's not always the case because they express interest that they're going to sign a deal and start paying royalties.  So as an inventor make sure that once you get interests from one,  you go and get interest from more and start to move down the tracks or move through the process of getting your product license as Susan did.   So that when a company falls off, you have your other options. You're not just left dead in the water.

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The Superpower of Deal Closers


I get the opportunity to see those that successfully close deals and those that don't. There is a difference between the actions that those that successfully close those deals and those that don't and that's what I found so fascinating and that's the superpower I want to share with you today and that superpower is "questions". It's questions because questions focus your potential licensee on the right things.

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How to Pick between Multiple Offers

Uncategorized Jul 08, 2020

I have got multiple offers on my inventions... My students have got multiple offers. It's a lot of fun but scary at the same time. I have strategies that I use and coach my students to use to strike the best deal possible when faced with multiple offers!

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If you can't find anything like it DROP IT!


I have coached over 100+ people through Invention licensing deal negotiation. Patents don't stop deals, if the company wants the invention in their product line they will figure out how to move forward. They are happy and excited to have to opportunity to make money and get your product on the shelf.

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