$1,000 a month

Aug 19, 2021


When I got started in the business, I had this big lofty goal. The first year, I want to make $400,000 a year. Right, it's awesome!


But every day I kept failing because I wasn't at my goal and it was very discouraging in the business.


And so I started to approach it a little bit differently.


So in today's episode, I'll share one of the secrets I use to help me stay motivated and focused on getting to my goal. It changes everything, that you don't feel so strained every month, you get to be a little bit more relaxed, you get to think about products, and you get to get more product licensing deals.


P.S. Getting to the point of making money off your invention is hard. That’s why I’m hosting a very special webinar for you on how to get through all of this. At the end of just 1 hour, you’ll know the techniques to get your invention licensed easily and make monthly passive income.


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