MUST HAVE in Licensing Contract (mini Series) - Structure of the Grant

Nov 16, 2021


Most inventors, when they get their licensing contract would flip through every page to find the royalty agreement or the royalty rate.


In reality, that's something that I did personally. I would flip through and when I saw that 5% or 7% and I was like, all right, I'm good to go.


But now that I've been in the business so long, I've helped vendors sign over 170 licensing deals, I've seen a lot of contracts and I've helped people negotiate these deals, I would look at the contract differently.


So now, when I find a licensing contract, I would flip to the first page, sometimes on the second, to look for the core of the entire contract - the center of the spider web where everything else comes out from there.


Find out in today's episode what's that CORE is, as I share the must-haves in licensing contracts, how you can get good at licensing contracts, and the rest of the aspects.


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