First Steps After you invent a product

Nov 02, 2021


A lot of inventors jump right to either prototyping or patenting. People love to start the process of bringing their inventions to the market without the foundation of knowledge and understanding the marketplace.


That's when they start wasting money and time on a project that won't necessarily go anywhere when they get to that point of pitching to companies.


I have ample examples of why you shouldn't do such, and a couple of them are my own. It took me three times to learn that lesson. And that is a bad move!


So today, we're going to talk about the first step you take when you invent a product, and this will completely change your game on moving forward.


P.S. Getting to the point of making money off your invention is hard. That’s why I’m hosting a very special webinar for you on how to get through all of this. At the end of just 1 hour, you’ll know the techniques to get your invention licensed easily and make monthly passive income.



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